December 6

Hosted by MCCS-Asia

Satoshi Kida, Chair, President of MCCS-Asia; University of Tokyo

All times are in Eastern USA Daylight Time (UTC-4).  


8:00 pm            Welcome
                          Jennifer Raymond, President of MCCS; Stanford University

8:05 pm            A neural circuit for visuomotor transformation in the frontal cortex
                          Seung-Hee Lee, KAIST, South Korea

8:25 pm            The roles of REM sleep in brain maintenance
                          Yu Hayashi, Kyoto University, Japan

8:45 pm            Growth regulatory mirnas in neuroplasticity and development
                          Mollie Meffert, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

9:05 pm            Mechanisms underlying the ontogeny of episodic-like memory in mice
                          Adam Ramsaran, University of Toronto, Canada

9:25 pm            Ensemble encoding of conditioned fear by prefrontal somatostatin interneurons
                          Kirstie A Cummings, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA

9:30 pm            Regulation of gene expression in neurons by bivalent chromatin marks
                          Celeste B. Greer, Vanderbilt University, USA

9:35 pm            BREAK

9:45 pm            Mineralocorticoid receptors are required for the development and maintenance of CA2’s molecular profile and for CA2-dependent behavior
                          Serena M. Dudek, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health, USA

10:05 pm          Gating of hippocampal rhythms and memory by synaptic plasticity in inhibitory interneurons
                          Huan Ma, Zhejiang University, China

10:25 pm          Molecular optogenetics: tool development and applications to neuroscience
                          Won Do Heo, KAIST, South Korea

10:45 pm          Anterior thalamic dysfunction underlies cognitive deficits in psychiatric disease models
                          Dheeraj Roy, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA