The lineup of speakers and topics has been set for this year’s MCCS Symposium, October 17-18 in Chicago.  Please register HERE.

Erin Calipari (Vanderbilt University): “A novel framework for cell-type specific stimulus encoding in the nucleus accumbens”

David Glanzman (UCLA): “Toward a reevaluation of the molecular code hypothesis of memory storage: evidence from Aplysia

Christian Hansel (University of Chicago): “Memory from changes in membrane excitability”

Rainbo Hultman (University of Iowa): “Brain-wide neural oscillatory networks predict vulnerability to chronic stress”

Catherine Kaczorowski (Jackson Laboratories): “Harnessing Genetic Complexity to Identify Mechanism of Resilience to Alzheimer's"

Talia Lerner (Northwestern University): “Plasticity of nigrostriatal dopamine circuits during transitions to inflexible behavior”

Yulong Li (Peking University): “Spying on monoamine neuromodulation by constructing new genetically-encoded GRAB sensors”

Hee-Sup Shin (Institute for Basic Science, Korea): “Genes and circuits underlying empathy fear behavior in mice” 

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